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Operationalizing The Guru Within People Work.

The theme for NG Blog1 2017 is - Operationalizing The Guru Within in People Work.

I invite you readers to read this piece of experience, recollection and meaning making with your body, mind and spirit- to intuitively grasp the essence.

I was stuck and struck after beginning this blog. The usual nagging questions- what to write and how, chased each other circlically. Backing off, I drifted to silence- words & ideas gushed out after awhile.

NG Blog1 2017 is an attempt to capture the essence of NG People Work. Operationalizing The Guru Within in People Work is an ongoing journey. Reflections and making meaning of the processes continue, with breaks of silence in between.

A vignette from counselling is presented here to highlight the experience of operationalizing the Guru Within. Names and identities of NG Clients are masked due to ethical considerations.

Arun, a 17 year old turned up with his mother for counselling nearly 10 years back- sent by his school management for behavioural problems. Diagnosed by a psychiatrist as having a bi-polar disorder, Arun was on heavy medication. He was belligerent and resentful of counselling; his mother Asha insisted on tagging along with him weekly. The contract with the Asha was to attempt to help Arun achieve 'social control', a baby step in Transactional Analysis, TA. Sitting in a corner, Arun, seemed to sleep through the counselling processes- while I explained basic TA concepts like contracts and theory of Structural Analysis.

A couple of months later, a sudden transformation began in Arun- and he noticed it first. He connected the structural analysis to his past and present condition- and reported he was changing. He sat in NG and studied for his board exams- and went on to do his undergrad and masters. By then he and his family had moved and settled in a metro- Arun connects periodically and updates me of his milestones through texts/mails etc..

'Remission without explanation' was the psychiatrist's response to Arun going off medication, completing his board exams and moving on. Now for reflections and meaning making: NG provided the space, the 'permission and protection' for Arun to discover himself. Understanding self brought transformation, responsibility and growth; - as a counsellor, I was a humble witness to his blossoming. Humble because, Arun did the movement, as I stood on the side- he set his goals, and my trust provided the impetus for him to move on.

The Guru Within of the Client and the Counsellor were operationalized in the above example- the awe I experienced with Arun's development grounded me in my faith in the potential innate in every being. Self -Other- Environment balance, a key principle of NG was show cased in the above process- Arun's development happened in the context of his family while he learned to step out socially. Polarities dissolved and oneness in reaching the goal happened. The challenge I faced during the process was to do the minimum and be there with and for Arun.

NG Blog1 2017 is a beginning, a small one - to connect on cyber space with our experience..

To be continued..



  • Posted on 18 Jul 2016
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NG Blog1 2017

Operationalizing The Guru Within People Work.

Posted on 18 Jul 2016