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Nitya Gurukula , a people work center in Coimbatore offering Holistic People Empowerment & Competency Building services to individuals and organizations, centered in its vision ‘The Guru Within’. 
NG conducts Tai Chi training throughout the year.


Principles / Outcome

  • Body, Mind and Spirit Connectivity
  • Oneness
  • Energy Flow

Benefits of Tai Chi

  • •Increased energy for day to day activity

    •Improved immunity

    •Stable internal body function (internal organs)

    •Normalizedblood pressure

    •Improved balance and co-ordination

    •Increased bone density

    •Increased span of attention & concentration


    •Body Mind Spirit Connectivity

Tai Chi Workshop

Greetings from Nitya Gurukula.

We provide Tai Chi training @ Nitya Gurukula. For details and registration contact:


Nitya Gurukula

‘Devi Durai’, 53-54, Sri Lakshmi Nagar,

Sowripalayam, Coimbatore-28, Tamilnadu, India.

Mobile: +91 99449 12307

             +91 94893 82307

Dear Participant,

Greetings and Welcome to NG Sevangee Energy Work 2018.

We invite you to attend the NG Sevangee EW  Workshop for:

  •  Increased well being with better sleep

  • Reduce Stress

  • Long term relief from Aches and Pains

  • Memory, concentration and creativity

  • Energy Cultivation to detox Body, Mind and Spirit

  • Relaxing Breath for Energy Harnessing

  • Posted on 09 Feb 2017
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