Background of NG TA:
  • TA applied over 35 years in diverse settings, cultures & fields- Beginning with Mother Theresa's home for destitutes, Women's focus groups, schools, colleges, industries, commercial sector, Cancer Supportive care etc. etc.
  • Learning, applying, teaching, training, supervising founded on Transactional Analysis philosophy, principles, theories, concepts & techniques
  • Transactional Analysis used in NG to evoke and foster OKness and excellence in individual's, teams and systems
NG definition of TA:

NG's own unique definition & description of Transactional Analysis:
Transactional Analysis, TA developed by Dr. Eric Berne M.D., is:
A holistic system, a social psychology, containing
It's own philosophy, principles, theories, concepts and techniques for
Human development and transformation in a contractual manner.
Change occurs with the understanding and involvement of participants.

TA is used contractually to achieve/facilitate social control-
The first stage, wherein socially appropriate behaviours are developed;
Autonomy, the freedom to choose, consisting of the capacity for
Awareness, spontaneity and intimacy is
The ultimate goal of Transactional Analysis.

    Transactional Analysis, TA is:
  • Just not another theory in Nitya Gurukula;
  • TA is the root and core of NG
  • NG interventions are based on and swivel on Transactional Analysis
    philosophy, principle & concepts
  • NG breathes, talks and lives Transactional Analysis
  • TA is a way of life in Nitya Gurukula
  • TA is indigenized to cater the Eastern ethos and pathos – retaining
    the philosophy and principles of Transactional Analysis, its
    application is adapted to suit the Indian culture and tradition
NG experience of TA:

TA Training is
Training of the mind,
Freeing it from compulsions, urges n surges
For focus, flexibility, sustainability
Freeing consciousness
To move beyond it's patterns

NG TA Programs

1. TA 101s held more than 6 times yearly for about 300 plus participants
2. NG trains & prepares individuals & professionals to become
(Certified Transactional Analysts, CTAs a
Teaching & Supervising Transactional Analysts, TSTAs.)

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