NG Testimonials:

An NG Ex. Client:

"Nitya Gurukula has helped me deal with the hardest time of my life. My life seemed shattered beyond hope as I went through my divorce. The counselling and TA concepts helped me understand the reasons behind my problems. When I face difficult situations, instead of frustration, I now choose a response that will be beneficial for me. The negative attitude and behaviour of others don't control my life any more. I have found a new and better way of living. Thanks to ng and its loving team."

Nisha, NG Resource (Full Time)& Trainee:

"Nitya Gurukula gave me confidence to explore my competencies and learnt to improve myself holistically".

Shajitha, NG Resource (Full Time)& Trainee:

"NG is a perfect platform to grow myself personally and professionally. I am experiencing the depth of Holistic Wellness."

Nazrin: NG Resource (Full Time)& Trainee:

"A unique place, where I came to know about my 'Real self' which motivating me to reach my goal personally and professionally.:

Shylaja Rajeevan,(Part Time)& Trainee:

'N.G. has taught me that happiness and success comes from "within", and how to shift the right gears, to make a positive difference, in self and the other.'

Arthi, NG Resource (Part Time)& Trainee:

"Being associated with Nitya Gurukula as Trainee and Resource, has facilitated me to be, and has given me confidence to move forward through challenges and difficulties."

Gowri, NG Resource (Part Time)& Trainee:

"Earlier I was very comfortable in my home environment. Now I've grow myself, balancing self other and environment with the help of Nitya Gurukula"

Amirtha, NG Resource (Part Time)& Trainee:

"It was around this time, last year that I first crossed the threshold of Nitya Gurukula.
I knew instantly and instinctively that I had "come home".
Comforting and filled with the warmth of people like Sashi ma'am and RK ma'am this is where I have
grown in leaps and bounds emotionally.
Thank you is but a small word."

Jeya Malini, Mind Fresh, Chennai

"I enjoyed the comfortable stay. Excellent hospitality of NG Team, In-depth knowledge of the trainer. The workshop was great I learnt to operate the mind to break the limitation – Tai Chi"

Group Captain N Paranan, NG Well Wisher:

"I used to think that I was a solution provider. Often times, that was the feedback I received from my peers and others, till I encountered a serious problem of my own. A hurricane came over my relationship with a close family member. We were tossed up, dunked down and thrown around in a cauldron of emotions... and I couldn't find a solution on my own. I reached out for help and found NG and SC. Over many intermittent sessions, SC took us around, gently holding our hands through many corners and crevices of our own selves that we had not visited as the need did not arise earlier. More and repeated visits to certain places within us... till we discovered solutions... many solutions to our current and future problems! Not only did NG and SC helped us discover solutions but helped us discover more of ourselves.

Why couldn't I find solutions to my own issue while I was able to do so for others?! I realized that I couldn't because... while the hurricane blew, I had lost my orientation. You need someone with a larger understanding of life... someone who had faced a few hurricanes themselves, to gently hold you, anchor you and lead to discover your own solutions.

I am thankful that I found SC... and a little more of myself. "

GirijaKalidass, NG Resource& Trainee:

"When you walk in through the doors of NG, you can be assured you are in Professional and able hands of Sashi Chandran who has ways of transforming life. There is a protection factor and life settles."

Sushmita Ayyagari, NG TA & Tai Chi Trainee:

"In everyone’s life, there is a place that completely accepts and empowers you. Right from learning about myself and others around me through Transactional Analysis and involving the body through a powerful martial art like Tai Chi that channels energy, Nitya Gurukula is my temple of being, relating & growing".

Rangaraj, NG Resource, Taichi Instructor & Trainee:

"I am fortunate to associate with NG since its inception. I was inspired with its motto to service people to obtain wellness on both Physical and Mental capacities. As benefited through its services I am happy to be part of NG Team on carrying their vision and mission to the society"