NG Holistic Wellness:
Being healthy, energetic, vibrant, proactive,
Free-flowing in and with life.
NG Competencies:
Personal and Professional excellence consisting of:
Experience, Exposure, Knowledge, Expertise..
NG Competency model:
A tool which individuals and teams use
To locate their levels of functioning; followed by
NG guidance and supervision to pitch higher

NG holistic model of a human being
Represents layers of a human being, namely:
Bio-affecto-cognito-behavioro-socio-spirituo layers.
Well-being and competencies are attained by
Working with this model contractually.

NG Holistic People Work:
  • For the people by the people and with the people
  • The individuals - the person and people are the focus in Nitya Gurukula.
  • Approaches, methods, methodologies, techniques etc. are used for individuals, teams and systems, based on their needs and context. People are not fitted into approaches, methods and techniques.
  • Through 'person focused' approach Nitya Gurukula caters to individuals- teams - systems
Table 1: NG Holistic Model - Layers of human experience and expression




Bio-Biological Physically in the body Sensations
Affecto-Affective Emotions in body Feelings
Cognito-Cognitive Thinking in the brain & nervous system Thoughts, beliefs
Behavioro-Behavioral Integration of bio-affecto-cognito layers Actions, reactions, responses
Socio-Social Connections, Contacts, Relationships Interactions, communication
Spirituo-Spiritual Energy-highs & lows Vibrancy, energetic, depression etc

Nitya Gurukula has thus coined and operationalized its own brand of services:

NG Holistic People Work

The goal of NG Holistic People work is Wellness & Competency building.

NG Holistic People Work includes and is
not limited to:

Counselling, Coaching, Mentoring & Mediation,Training in Counselling, Transactional Analysis, Supervision competencies, Group workshops, Supervision and grooming practices.

NG Holistic People Work Services are founded on Nitya Gurukula vision 'The Guru Within' – Guru, the remover of ignorance, the inherent potential and the essence of every being is cognized, accounted and celebrated.

East-West synthesis and Self-Other-Environment balance are two core principles that add a unique flavour to NG Holistic People Work

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