NG Workshops

Nitya Gurukula Workshops are NG People Work interventions in groups
Wherein participants achieve Holistic Wellness and Competencies
Individually and collectively;

Collectives of individuals from
Diverse ages, professions, qualifications and backgrounds
Meet, explore, share and work with contractual goals
For agreed upon durations.

NG Workshop Theme n Goals

NG Workshop themes are chosen by the NG Trainers
From the expressed and unexpressed needs of clients, trainees and
individuals who
Wish and intend to grow themselves, beyond their comfort levels and zones.
NG Workshop goals are created and tuned to suit participant needs
By NG Trainer Sashi
Assisted by the NG Resource Team

NG Workshops are:

  • Crafted to cater to clients, teams, and systems-
  • Unique n dynamic events to suit participant's requirements

Table 3: NG Workshops over the years





Ongoing Workshops Managing infertility, Grooming, Parenting-Learning to Grow, Growing to Learn, Energy Work, Holistic Professionalism, Holistic Communication, Faculty development, Organizational development Body-mind-spirit-social connectivity thru contracting, Competency creation and building Guru Within in action,
Enhanced Self Esteem,
Reduced stress, Holistic
2012 to 2016 NG Sangam- confluence of NG Trainees, Clients, Well-Wishers, Seekers Transformations, Evoluting Self Transformations & movement, Macro and micro perspective of Self-Other-Environment
2002 to 2012 Excellence Workshops for School populations- management, teachers, board exam students and parents Contact and contract to enhance outcome for all populations Enhanced outcomes in marks, relationships,
goal setting
1991 to 2002 Cancer care, Emotional intelligence & leadership, Empowerment, Art & music sessions for cancer persons Caring, Relationships Healing self & relationships, Effective leadership skills
1990s to 2002 Educating educators Awareness and student – teacher relationships Learning environments and relationships building
1980s Women's Groups Self Awareness & Problem Solving using Transactional Analysis, Parenting Awareness, Solutions
NG Workshops Reference:

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