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Anxiety Unveiled: Understanding, Managing, and Overcoming

Occasional experiences of anxiety are a normal part of life. For example, we all feel anxious when we venture onto a busy road for the first time, navigate a new environment, or face an important interview. However, when individuals grapple with chronic anxiety, it becomes a constant companion, overshadowing their daily lives.

At Nitya Gurukula, we believe in the potential for change without pathologizing challenges. We employ well-researched models unique to NG, complemented by Tai Chi, an internal martial art that fosters holistic healing. Our approach is dynamic and integrative, empowering individuals to enrich their lives. We stand ready to address your symptoms and support your journey through anxiety management.

Recognizing Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety symptoms vary from person to person, encompassing a broad spectrum of physical and psychological manifestations. Common signs of anxiety may include:

As anxiety symptoms are highly individualized, it is crucial to recognize how anxiety presents in your life. Anxiety Counselling/Therapy and OCD Counselling are invaluable in addressing these concerns.

Understanding Anxiety

Anxiety is an internal journey, marked by recurrent and sudden emotional surges, sometimes leading to panic attacks, that intrude upon everyday activities. It can manifest when walking through crowded streets, crossing bustling intersections, or dealing with intense fears related to specific situations or objects. Those who struggle with anxiety often find themselves stuck in a cycle of constant thinking, imagining worst-case scenarios, and dwelling on an uncertain future.

Anxiety can manifest in behaviours ranging from extreme uncertainty to obsessive timekeeping. In such cases, seeking guidance from an Anxiety Counsellor or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Counsellor becomes pivotal for developing effective anxiety management strategies.

Discovering nitya gurukula's approach

  • Meet Suresh, a 27-year-old working abroad for a renowned MNC. While outwardly composed, Suresh grappled with deep-seated anxiety issues. During counselling, he shared his anxieties, including excessive sanitation habits triggered by the pandemic and his roommate's return from work.
  • The anxiety counsellor listened attentively and identified that Suresh's cleanliness concerns had escalated into a significant anxiety problem. Recognizing Suresh's interest in animated characters, the counsellor tailored interactions around these characters. Gradually, Suresh's behaviour shifted, and he began to be more compassionate toward himself.
  • Utilizing psychological concepts and validation techniques, the anxiety counsellor helped Suresh overcome his challenges. Remarkably, in less than 10 sessions, Suresh embarked on a journey to a happier and more peaceful life. If you or someone you know is grappling with anxiety, our counselling services offer support and guidance on your path to wellness. Contact Nitya Gurukula today.
  • Various factors can trigger anxiety, including prolonged periods of stress, hereditary and genetic predispositions, substance and alcohol use, environmental stressors like trauma and societal pressures, certain personality traits, and other underlying physical and mental health conditions.