Stress Management 1

Lakshmi was extremely stressed when she brought her son for counselling to Nitya Gurukula. An incidence at home which involved her son, created a lot of emotional turmoil in her that she was highly agitated. She spoke in a hurried pace, was crying and doubted her parenting of her children.

NG counsellor understood that Lakshmi too needed help as much as her son. Married for more than 20yrs with 2 grown up children, she expressed her fear of being judged by her extended family and the society. This made her so stressed that it came out as anger towards her son.

NG Counsellor gave her the space – without any judgment or bias, which helped Lakshmi to open up and talk. She expressed how the family had a forced involvement in her life. The counsellor guided her to create psychological boundaries with her extended family, so that they don’t influence her emotional well-being and have open communication with her son. The voices of others in Lakshmi’s head slowly came down and she started bonding with her son. She understood her internal conflict and the behavioral expression caused by it – which was anger and lack of trust toward her son. Through regular follow ups her faith in herself improved and she started connecting with her son.