NG Supervision

NG Supervision

Supervision- The Indian Experience:

Supervision in India has been mostly hierarchical, using control and power to force change. This technique stresses the supervisor and the supervisee with heightened tensions and change is often temporary based on fear and the need to comply. 'Supervision in the Indian context is feared and avoided or maintained within the safe limits of giving advice. Receiving feedback and learning are painful processes due to the punitive upbringing’. (Gilbert & Kenneth, 2000).

NG Supervision is founded on

NG Supervision- Definition

NG Supervision is a holistic and contractual relationship and process between the supervisor and the supervisee, resulting in sustainable Professional development and empowerment of the supervisee in service of the supervisee’s client; Supervisee's professional transformation is transmitted to his/her environments. Thus, both supervisee and the environment evolve and flourish.

Topics / issues addressed in NG Supervision

NG Supervision- Outcomes:

NG Supervision Reference:

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Supervision-Types, Process, Outcomes

Live SupervisionOne to one supervision- in person or onlineKey issue identification, insight, claritySupervisee gets clarity and options for working meaningfully and mindfully
Case SupervisionSupervisor provides supervision on cases, situations, issues presented by superviseeSupervision given on the presented case via mail or textClarification through reporting and getting supervised. Supervisee energised
Tier SupervisionLevel 1- supervision.
Supervision is provided by a Senior Counsellor to a Counsellor;
Level 2 Supervision - SC supervises Senior Counsellor
Multi-level supervision known as Tier SupervisionMulti-levels of learning & consciousness expansionstake place;
Group SupervisionProfessional issues presented in Focus Groups with a lead SupervisorGroup resources harnessed and utilised by SupervisorGroup learning and development
Group resources utilised to facilitate learning &professional growth
Peer SupervisionSupervision received from peers/colleaguesCollegial feedback given contractuallyValue addition by peers
Live Supervision
One to one supervision- in person or online
Contractual exploration, Key issue identification, Insight
Clarity & options for working meaningfully & mindfully
Case Supervision
Supervision on cases, situations, issues presented by supervisee
Contractual exploration for issues presented in person or sent via mail or text
Clarity, Hope & Critical Thinking
Tier Supervision
Level 1 - Supervision provided by a Senior Counsellor to a Counsellor;
Level 2 - Trained Supervisor supervises Senior Counsellor
Supervision is multi-level or known as Tier Supervision
Multi-levels of learning Freeing & expansion of consciousness
Group Supervision
Professional issues presented in Focus Groups with a lead Supervisor
Group resources harnessed and utilised by Supervisor
Group learning & development
Group resources utilised for learning & professional growth
Peer Supervision
Supervision from peers/colleagues
Contractual Collegial feedback
Clarity for Supervisee & Peer Supervisor

NG Testimonials

“We found the programme to be very useful and informative. Value added session

L& T Defence

Tai Chi Workshop

“Participants felt that the session was interactive. The experiential and activity based teaching style of the workshop facilitators were something they felt they can take back to their classrooms as their delivery style. The session was an enjoyable experience for the young teachers.

Coimbatore Institute of Technology, For NG Workshop

“I enjoyed your very positive outlook to coping with stress and COVID very much.

I live in Sydney, Australia and I must say the country in general has coped with all aspects of COVID quite sensibly. I worked from home for 2 months and it certainly changed my outlook in many ways. I did enjoy the compulsory slow down of our hectic lives.

Marina Monger

NG Webinar Participant

“The exercise taught during the session was very useful and is been continuously followed by many of our faculty and students.

Sri Ramkrishna Institute of Paramedical Sciences. For NG Workshop

“It was an amazing workshop. I haven’t seen this level of quality in the longest time

Ms. Japneet Bedi

TA Trainee

“Wonderfully organized, more frequent follow up programmes may be proposed

Sundararajan G A R

TA Participant

“Its great environment & really retreat for body & mind. If we can get handouts for Tai Chi, its great

Saranya S

TA Participant

“The institute is awesome and hospitality. We expect you to bring us many more workshops

Shivani V N

TA Participant

“The workshop was simply eye opening. I am looking forward for more workshops like this

Lakshmi Shrinidhi S

TA Participant

“It was excellent and it was more than I expected

Nikitha T

TA Participant

“It was really exciting. Loved the session. In love with Sashi Mam. Thumbs up guys

Jane Regina I

TA Participant

Very useful for my future and very kind persons I have met

“Very useful for my future and very kind persons I have met

Lekha Priya S

TA Participant

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