NG Training

NG Training

NG Training has evolved over 30 plus years, founded on CEO’s training experiences with different populations (Ref.NG Story). NG training continues to evolve in tune with societal requirements.

NG Training integrates and synthesizes:

  • Transactional Analysis philosophy and principles, theories, concepts & techniques
  • East-West Synthesis fostered by Guru Nitya Chaitanya Yati
  • Neuroscience, Participatory Action Research and Tai Chi

NG Training is a relational, contractual and holistic experience and process for building competencies by creating empowered learners and conducive learning environments. NG trainees/participants are guided on a journey of self-discovery and meaning making, which culminates in

  • Enhanced competencies in the required domain
  • Self-Other-Environment balance
  • Critical & deep thinking in their field of expertise

Transmission and creation of knowledge, trainer/facilitator growth and empowerment are by-products of NG Training. Ongoing supervision based on the developmental requirements of trainees is an essential and integral aspect of NG Training.

Domains of Training provided in Nitya Gurukula

Transcational Analysis
Transcational Analysis
Tai Chi
Tai Chi

NG CEO and Lead Trainer Sashi Chandran designs and structures Training Programs in the following People Work domains, namely:
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Counselling
  • Tai Chi
  • Supervision

Significant features of Nitya Gurukula Training

  • Experts & specialists in each of the domains add value to NG Training through expert advice, training programs & in other essential ways.
  • NG approach in Transactional Analysis, Counselling, Tai Chi & Supervision training is Holistic & Dharmic.
  • Multi modal techniques are applied in each of the domains to involve the body, mind & spirit of learners/trainees.
  • Training syllabus & methodology are based on the requirement of the domains & designed to suit the needs & levels of trainees.
  • NG training methodology is ‘Progressive-Step wise’ (Lam), provided through informing and inspiring; teaching and instructing are used when required.

NG Testimonials

“We found the programme to be very useful and informative. Value added session

Tai Chi Workshop

“Participants felt that the session was interactive. The experiential and activity based teaching style of the workshop facilitators were something they felt they can take back to their classrooms as their delivery style. The session was an enjoyable experience for the young teachers.

“I enjoyed your very positive outlook to coping with stress and COVID very much.

I live in Sydney, Australia and I must say the country in general has coped with all aspects of COVID quite sensibly. I worked from home for 2 months and it certainly changed my outlook in many ways. I did enjoy the compulsory slow down of our hectic lives.

NG Webinar Participant

“The exercise taught during the session was very useful and is been continuously followed by many of our faculty and students.

“It was an amazing workshop. I haven’t seen this level of quality in the longest time

TA Trainee

“Wonderfully organized, more frequent follow up programmes may be proposed

TA Trainee

“Its great environment & really retreat for body & mind. If we can get handouts for Tai Chi, its great

TA Trainee

“The institute is awesome and hospitality. We expect you to bring us many more workshops

TA Trainee

“The workshop was simply eye opening. I am looking forward for more workshops like this

TA Trainee

“It was excellent and it was more than I expected

TA Trainee

“It was really exciting. Loved the session. In love with Sashi Mam. Thumbs up guys

TA Trainee

Very useful for my future and very kind persons I have met

“Very useful for my future and very kind persons I have met

TA Trainee

“It has helped me and open up an awareness of what state we are in during a conversation. Would like a practical approach further

TA Trainee

“Word fail to describe what you mean to me. You have shown me light in the darkest of times and your words will always stay with me – etched on my heart!

Thank you for teaching me to love and respect myself. Thank you for making me believe in myself. Thank you for making this savage, average human being into a confident person.

I seek your blessings as I embark upon the most important journey of my life!”

“NG is a perfect platform to grow myself personally and professionally.
I am experiencing the depth of Holistic Wellness.”

NG Associate

“Nitya Gurukula gave me confidence to explore my competencies
and learnt to improve myself holistically”.

NG Resource (Full Time) & Trainee

NG Training Gallery