Anxiety Management 1

Priya is 23-year-old entrepreneur came to Nitya Gurukula for her Anxiety issue. Recently She found out that she had difficulty in communication and socializing with family & friends. Further she explained about her 7 years of relationship, breakup. She lost confidence in self and isolated herself from social gathering. She strongly believed that she is the most unsuccessful and unloved person.

With the space provided by the NG Counsellor, she openly spoke about the Toxic relationship that she had with her partner. He always made her believe that she is not okay, incapable of doing things & every time he criticized her pattern of communication. Which triggered Priya’s anxiety in facing people.

The Counsellor Provided her a space to explore her good qualities and validated it. she was encouraged to do few breathing exercise, guided by the NG Counsellor which has slowly reduced the anxiety in her, with a continuous psychological Support & Guidance of the NG counsellor, she accepted herself & there was a shift in her critical & judgmental thinking of herself to a positive self-validation.

As the result, she gained her confidence back, Now the way she perceives herself –Others & Life has changed, she looks at herself as a dignified self-worthy person, & moved on with her personal & Professional life with more composed way.