Case Study 1

❝ Paru had recently recovered from a stroke which had turned her life upside down.

She had gone from being a caring, and supportive mother to being a doubtful and confused woman, requiring assistance from her children. Moreover, despite her medication, she still panicked and her doctor stated that everything would get better over time. But Paru’s insecurity and depression made her quite ill. In addition, she struggled with her decision whether to be with her daughter or return to her native village.

The counsellor stayed with her mindfully, carefully listening and assisted her in identifying the reason for her underlying struggles.

The cause of the problem it seemed, was she yearned for the connection she formerly shared with her son and daughter. As grownups, they now have their own responsibilities, in addition to taking care of their ailing parents. So NG counsellor used recognition & validation techniques, which guided the couple recognize their space and they now lead a happy life.

Paru’s daughter was happy and thanked Nitya Gurukula for helping to bring a healthy shift in the lives of her parents. ❞