Case Study 3

❝ Sara was depressed and anxious when she visited Nitya Gurukula. She had trouble concentrating and falling asleep, as her father is an alcoholic, and her sibling has aggression issues. The mother unable to balance the family, has been overly accommodating to the needs of others. Sara was uncertain about her future, lost her confidence and wanted to quit her studies. Looking for love and affection, she felt that she had lost her childhood.

The psychological space provided during the counselling sessions allowed her to communicate her grief & painful experiences with her father and brother; she needed someone to understand her without passing judgement. With help from her counsellor, she gained understanding of her internal tensions and behavioural patterns, which enabled her to change her body language. Slowly, she began interacting comfortably with her family and encouraged them to have a family goal, which gave her settlement and hope in life. ❞