Case Study 4

Narmadha was in a long-distance relationship with her husband as he worked abroad. She had a 2-year-old kid. She visited Nitya Gurukula for anxiety issues. Her mother had passed away long back & her father was not keeping well. All her assets were controlled and managed by her aunt. Irrespective of the geographical distance, Narmadha and her husband shared a strong bond but family responsibilities & pressure from her aunt made Narmadha worried about her marriage and relationship with her husband. During the sessions, the counsellor allowed her to vent out and narrow down the issues troubling her. She got an insight into the root cause of her problem.

The counsellor highlighted the underlying issues and advised Narmadha to set a boundary with her aunt and take charge of her life. This gave her confidence and she clearly expressed her feelings & views to her aunt, thus settling down the issues. Within a couple of sessions, she felt happy that her bonding with her husband improved and they began to live a happy life.