Case Study 5

Suresh is 27 years old and works abroad for a reputed MNC. This seemingly calm & composed person struggled with deep anxiety issues. During the session, Suresh vented about the problems he had while the counsellor patiently heard him. Suresh lived with his friend in a PG during the pandemic. There were several restrictions in the country they lived. Whenever his friend came back home after work, Suresh had a habit of excessively sanitizing the shared accommodation.

Following the observation and other issues which he shared, the counsellor was able to identify that Suresh was struggling with cleanliness issues and their intensity slowly turned into an anxiety problem. Realising that Suresh was interested in a few animated characters, the counsellor interacted with him having the characters in mind. There was a subtle shift in Suresh’s behaviour. He acknowledged the reality and started to be gentle with himself. Also with the help of a few psychological concepts along with the recognition and validation techniques, the counsellor navigated Suresh beyond the challenges. In less than 10 sessions, he started living a happy and peaceful life.