Case Study 6

This case study is about a married couple Raj (58) and Lakshmi (55); for both it is their second marriage. Raj, an established businessman, is father of two kids; Lakshmi, a leader in a multinational company, lived with her parents following her divorce. The couple got married with familial encouragement and support.

A year into the marriage, they started facing challenges. Communication gap, lack of emotional support & fears of being dominated created turmoil in their relationship. With a desire to save their marriage, the couple decided to approach Nitya Gurukula for couples’ counselling.

NG Counsellors contractually assisted the couple to build an emotional connection & gave them space to explore themselves; compassion was kindled and nurtured in them. Counselling sessions empowered the couple to be receptive to each other’s ideas and needs. The couple expressed the desire to be together as they were able to respect and acknowledge individual differences by accepting each other.