Only 2% of the population are able to choose their career based on their own ability. In order to provide opportunity and bring out the best talent, real skill, creativity and ability Career Counselling is required in school level – 8th grade to college. NG can create its own platform using psychological tests, objectively assessing the ability, aptitude and skill of the students. This method will produce the best Human resources for the country either for Organizations, Industries or Universities.
Prof. Dr. S. Karunanidhi (Retd), Dept. of Psychology, University of Madras

It is important to guide our students from young age, Life is about how we live and Career is an important aspect of how we live
Prof. Dr. Marina Rajan, Director, SHALOM Institute of Excellence in Transactional Analysis

With the new venture NG hopes to influence the decision-making process of teenagers and young adults in a positive manner. It is a worthwhile and much needed initiative; NG’s approach will be more Holistic in nature and promises to guide and motivate students to harness their innate desires and talents
Mr. Ashwin Chandran, Chairman, Precot Limited

NG’s new venture with high values will guide students to move from classroom to success in college and finish education with confidence and determination. NG Teams professional approach, focused guidance, deep rooted thinking has won a reputation of preparing a strong novice officer
Mr. Kumaraguru Kanagaraj, Founder Director, Peepal Prodigy School