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NG Tai Chi

Originating in ancient China, Tai Chi is:

The Book of Changes informs: “in all changes exists Tai Chi, which causes the two opposites in everything”.
Tai Chi means the “ultimate of the ultimate.. to describe the vastness of the universe. …
Tai Chi is unique but also complex, that no one can know it all. It can be many things to many people; it is an art that embraces the mind, the body and the spirit… At the core of all Tai Chi are the principles”. (Lam)

Tai Chi Goals:

The goal of Tai Chi is centering and grounding within for regulating the internal force or inner power. This power brings co-ordination and balance resulting in holistic wellness of individuals, groups and organizations.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi Goals

Search for a Scientific & Non-violent Tai Chi

Polarized between tradition and modernity, individuality and collectivism, many in India are looking for stress relief and meta cognitive answers to uncertainties. NG experienced this urgent need for a modality which addresses the physical and energy dimensions, along with the cognitive behavioural aspects provided by TA & PAR.

Experimentation with different schools/types of Tai Chi failed to add value to NG Services- it polarized the holistic dimensions in individuals and the institute.

NG Tai Chi journey took us to Dr. Paul Lam online

Dr. Paul Lam’s Tai Chi provides the essential relief, scientific approach and healing required to face, handle and benefit from modern day stressors. This is due to Dr. Lam’s:

Dr. Paul Lam continues to create humane Tai Chi practices which nurture and nourish the body, mind and spirit.

Lam’s Tai Chi brought in the much required balance in NG services, as it blends with Transactional Analysis, Participatory Action Research and NG’s Holistic Approach. Thus, the biological, affective, cognitive, behavioural, social and spiritual dimensions of participants are integrated and strengthened.

NG Experience: Dr. Lam Tai Chi

In the beginning, Nitya Gurukula Team (Counsellors, Trainers and Admin Staff) practiced Tai Chi for Energy by following Lam’s online videos, with interest and commitment. Lightness, joy, dignity, pain relief and energy surfaced and grew in participants. NG’s core principles of Non-violence and East-West Synthesis were operationalized in this Tai Chi program.

NG CEO participated in Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention-TCHI & FP workshops at the Annual Tai Chi Conference 2019 in Wollongong, Australia. Certified as an Instructor for TCHI & FP (Levels 1 & 2), CEO brought back rich experiences of the theory, practice and techniques. These were eagerly picked up by NG Team along with the TCHI & FP safety norms and the Progressive Stepwise teaching methodology- and passed on in small packages to NG clients, trainees and members. It was exhilarating to have a scientific and systematic approach, so succinctly captured in the six principles by Dr. Lam.

NG Tai Chi Journey

Lam’s Tai Chi:

Scientific-Gentle- founded on Tai Chi Principles
Liberates to face, handle & benefit
from life’s stressors

Lam’s Tai Chi:…

Dr. Paul Lam online

Dr. Paul Lam online

NG Search for a Scientific & Non-violent Tai Chi

NG Search for a Scientific & Nonviolent…
Dr. Paul Lam
  • Medical doctor
  • World Renowned Tai Chi Expert
  • Sensitive, open to learn and compassionate 
  • Developed a humane Tai Chi which nurtures & nourishes: Body-mind-soul
Dr. Paul Lam…
NG Tai Chi Experience
  • Lightness, joy, dignity, pain relief & energy surfaced in NG Tai Chi climate
  • Non-violence & East-West Synthesis operationalized
  • Scientific & systematic approach- exhilarating
NG Tai Chi Experience…
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TCHI Certified NG Instructors

Master Trainer(TCHI), Dr. Kirthi Walgama, from Sri Lanka, conducted an Instructors training program on Tai Chi for Arthritis & Fall Prevention TCHA & FP Levels - I & II in Nitya Gurukula on 21st, 22nd and 23rd September 2019. 15 participants (including a Doctor, Physiotherapists, NG Team) were certified as TCHI Instructors. A Chartered Engineer and Senior Professor in the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, Dr. Kirthi is trained in various styles of Tai Chi in Sweden, USA, Canada and Australia. Specialising in 24, 45, 73, short sword Tai Chi forms, Dr. Kirthi is a certified instructor in

Spirit of Tai Chi permeated Nitya Gurukula
In the Teamers, in Participants, in Devi Durai, in the environment
Exuding vibrance- subtle power – an inexplicable something..
Gently n subtly, the width & depth of
Tai Chi for Arthritis & Fall Prevention traversed –
spurred by the Encouraging words, tone & the spirit of the Master Trainer..

Missing were the build-up n showmanship
Leading to heightened expectations and promise of miracles in
Days to come- of unknown zones reserved for the privileged.

Simple, straight n clear: the program
Unfolded like a river, meandering thru landscapes to merge with
The waiting ocean.- not taxing or draining- but, healing n tempering.
Nature’s strategies, crafted in principles:
Slow, smooth n continuous, resistant movement for external;
Body held upright n shifting weights, followed by internal song n jing.

Dr. Lam – unifies with Tai Chi for Health
Bypassing divisive forces within n without which shred human dignity, to
Ground the body, sink the Qi and elevate the spirit for total wellness.
Nitya Gurukula- a microcosm of India
Absorbed the spirit of Tai Chi for radiating in the universe- the macrocosm
To generate and venerate eternal bounties- wealth of health, joy n peace.

Tai Chi & Yoga

Questions about differences between Yoga and Tai Chi arise. Yoga and Tai Chi are ancient Eastern practices and approaches to holistic health- with the common foundation of oneness, body/mind/breath connectivity, balance and gentle movements. According to NG CEO, trained in yoga by the Bihar School of Yoga 4 decades ago, they complement each other, despite the differences.

In Yoga, postures are asanas, while breath regulation is achieved with Pranayama; in Tai Chi, movements are forms and diaphragm, dantian and reverse breathing regulate life force or the Chi. The philosophy, principles and theories in Yoga and Tai Chi are vast and complex- however their effectiveness in promoting health and wellness is being experienced globally.

Tai Chi & Yoga – a glimpse

Tai Chi


Ancient Eastern practices & approaches to holistic health-
common foundation of oneness, body/mind/breath connectivity, balance & gentle movements

Movements- forms
Diaphragm, Dantian & Reverse breathing

Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha,
Yoga Nidra & Meditation

Attention to Energy—Chi or Qi
spiral force-
Yielding, Absorbing, Redirecting & Harmonising

Attention on getting comfortable in postures, integrating breathing with asana

Principles- make Tai Chi real

Niyamas & Yamas- Personal Observances & Universal Morality

NG Tai Chi 2020

Slowly, smoothly and continuously, Tai Chi is integrated in Nitya Gurukula services and processes. Clients and trainees practicing Tai Chi regularly experience emotional regulation, stress relief, enhanced productivity and creativity. Tai Chi principle of:

Redirecting and
the incoming force is applied for personal and interpersonal growth and development. Essence of Tai Chi and Transactional Analysis are used to promote sustainable and holistic Well-being.

NG Transactional Analysis and Tai Chi Seminar in 2020

Where the Master himself, Dr. Paul Lam and Master Trainer from Australia, Rani Hughes were to lead workshops in August 2020 has been postponed due to the pandemic..

NG Testimonials

“We found the programme to be very useful and informative. Value added session

L& T Defence

Tai Chi Workshop

“Participants felt that the session was interactive. The experiential and activity based teaching style of the workshop facilitators were something they felt they can take back to their classrooms as their delivery style. The session was an enjoyable experience for the young teachers.

Coimbatore Institute of Technology, For NG Workshop

“I enjoyed your very positive outlook to coping with stress and COVID very much.

I live in Sydney, Australia and I must say the country in general has coped with all aspects of COVID quite sensibly. I worked from home for 2 months and it certainly changed my outlook in many ways. I did enjoy the compulsory slow down of our hectic lives.

Marina Monger

NG Webinar Participant

“The exercise taught during the session was very useful and is been continuously followed by many of our faculty and students.

Sri Ramkrishna Institute of Paramedical Sciences. For NG Workshop

“It was an amazing workshop. I haven’t seen this level of quality in the longest time

Ms. Japneet Bedi

TA Trainee

“Wonderfully organized, more frequent follow up programmes may be proposed

Sundararajan G A R

TA Participant

“Its great environment & really retreat for body & mind. If we can get handouts for Tai Chi, its great

Saranya S

TA Participant

“The institute is awesome and hospitality. We expect you to bring us many more workshops

Shivani V N

TA Participant

“The workshop was simply eye opening. I am looking forward for more workshops like this

Lakshmi Shrinidhi S

TA Participant

“It was excellent and it was more than I expected

Nikitha T

TA Participant

“It was really exciting. Loved the session. In love with Sashi Mam. Thumbs up guys

Jane Regina I

TA Participant

Very useful for my future and very kind persons I have met

“Very useful for my future and very kind persons I have met

Lekha Priya S

TA Participant

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